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Some of the services you can expect are:

activities available are pool, air hockey, homework club and computer stations, and X-Box 360. Bring your own skateboard and pads or we supply them as well. Completely supervised every day.

Food:   Burgers & hotdogs are free, an evening meal is available for free also.
 Pop and candy are available for a small price.  

Adults are welcome to spend time with their teens in this drug and alcohol free environment.  

If you would like to use the building for your special event call and make reservations.

Entrance Criteria and Qualifications:
The Hideaway Teen Center offers fun activities for Teens from 12 to 18 years old,

Getting Started: It is easy to get started you just have to have a parents signature for skateboarding, bring your parent to sign and you can come any time after that by yourself.

Hours of Service:
Tuesday - Friday 3pm - 7pm and Saturday’s 2pm - 7pm.